Why Choose a Test and Tag Franchise?

Test and Tag - Electrical Equipment

Starting your own business in Australia is not an easy feat. To build a reputable business that is known for being reliable can take you many years. Setting up a business for the first time is risky especially in the current economic environment. If you want to start your business off with the right foot, what better way than with a proven franchise model.

This means you will be part of an established business and have the assistance of a whole team of professionals to help you along the way. Moreover, it is also going to help you in learning how to run a business. When it comes to franchising, choosing a Jim’s Test and Tag franchise is your best option for the following reasons.


Jim’s Test & Tag have an excellent reputation in the test and tag industry and are well-known all over Australia for providing the best testing services for electrical appliances. People across Australia trust us with handling all their testing needs. Owning a Jim’s Test and Tag franchise can give you the chance to be your own boss with a respected and reputable company.

Brand Name

Jim’s Test & Tag has an established brand name which is recognized by people throughout Australia. This makes it one of the best businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs as they have an abundance of resources available at their fingertips.


Choosing a Jim’s Test and Tag franchise is a good option for aspiring businessmen also because of the support offered by the company to its franchisees in setting up the store. You will get all the help you need from the company during the early days of your franchising career.


Don’t forget that a Jim’s Test and Tag franchise also specialises in fire protection, emergency lights and safety switches to name but a few.

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