What Industries Need Fire Hose Reel Testing?

Fire Safety | Fire hose reel testing

Fire hose reels are considered an important fire safety tool. This is why it is important to ensure the fire hose reels you have installed in your workplace or building are functioning properly and have no faults present in them.

Fire hose reel testing has been made compulsory for all industries as per the guidelines of the Australian workplace safety standards.

The following are some of the industries that need to get their fire hose reels tested on a regular basis.

Manufacturing Industry

Fire hose reel testing is crucial for companies in the manufacturing industry. The reason of this is that these companies have a work environment that is very susceptible to fires. The chances of a fire breaking out in a manufacturing plant are much higher than in other industries. This is why it is important for such companies to ensure that their fire hose reels are functioning as they are supposed to and will not fail when needed.

Process Industry

Process industries also are prone to fire hazards. They work with combustible materials and chemicals which can catch fire at any time. Thus, all process industries must install fire safety equipment including fire hose reels at their facilities. Moreover, they also have to regularly test their fire safety systems to make sure that they are prepared for any kind of fire emergency.

Food Industry

The food industry is another sector that needs fire hose reel testing more than other sectors. Fires are a major threat to the companies involved in the food business and they have to remain prepared to deal with fires if they breakout. This is why these companies have to ensure the proper functioning of their fire hose reels which can be easily achieved by regular testing.

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