Value of Electrical Testing & Tagging

Electrical Testing and tagging Value

This short article endeavours to explain briefly what electrical testing is all about. A fair explanation can be supplied by showcasing how one electrical service company does it. The way Jim’s Test & Tag goes about ensuring their clients’ safety is also customised and formula driven when you begin to understand their standard approach.

Electrical testing definition

Jim’s Test & Tag defines electrical testing as a process of testing and inspecting all electrical equipment to ensure the personal safety of its users. And at Jim’s Test & Tag, the testing has begun long before any client equipment has been tested. A continuing series of in-house testing of their equipment and tag markers is conducted before they are applied to the client’s home or business.

Apart from technical evaluations, staff is also verified and cleared to work with children and have police documentation recording clear records are on hand.

Value of Testing

The testing applications are intricate and adhere to all principles of sophisticated risk management related to electrical appliances and commercial products used mainly in a shop or factory floor. These principles are not difficult for the layman to adhere to once Jim’s crew has left the premises. Three important steps of elimination, substitution and isolation are followed here.

Useful information

Jim’s Test & Tag staff are always visible on the site. They lead by example and demonstrate their high safety standards through the protective and highly visible uniforms that they wear. Technicians are qualified and are required to complete thorough training and screening before being judged as qualified to carry out on-site testing.

After the testing technicians have left your premises, the testing does not end. An accurate recording of all tests conducted is kept in line with OHS/WHS risk management protocols. Though Jim’s Test & Tag willingly provides you with clear instructions to follow, it is still advisable to leave the actual testing to qualified technicians. This test and tag company are always aware of the need to stay compliant. The need for re-testing electrical equipment continues on a regular basis. They will keep track of when your equipment will need rechecked and make arrangements with you ahead of time.

Again, the testing emphasis is always on visibility. While technicians carry out their work, they are wearing high visibility vests and their work areas are clearly demarcated by workspace fencing. The tags that are left are clearly marked and colour-coded labels that adhere to official safety standards and testing procedures.

Safety testing is extended to health advisories as well. The company also provides clients with invaluable advice on reducing health hazards while using their equipment. Jim’s service record is legendary. Stretching across Australia, the company has over twenty-five years of industry experience. So you can count on them to take care of your electrical testing needs.

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