Top 10 Causes of Fire

Causes of fire

Jim’s Fire Safety presents a new infographic that illustrates the top 10 causes of fire. Fire safety is very important and everyone should know how they can keep their surroundings safe including their homes, forests, and workplaces.

From cooking to electrical and lighting, this new infographic by Jim’s Fire Safety reveals the 10 most common causes of fire. Other most common causes of fire include candles, grills, and even child play. Whether you’re at the home or in the workplace, fire safety is nothing to mess around with. Always take safety precautions and test your fire protection equipment and electricals to prevent a disaster from occurring.

Fires can lead to not only accidents and injuries, but also the dire consequences that often accompany them; financial compensation, legal issues, reputational damages, or worse, death.

Causes of Fire Infographics

View the infographic below to learn more:

Test Tag 10 Fire Causes Infographic - Common cause of fire


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Causes of Fire and How to Avoid Them

There are several reasons for a fire. Heavy machinery and industrial equipment are common workplace fire causes. These are incredibly dangerous because they rely on complex electronic systems that can fail. Ensure that all electrical equipment is regularly serviced and maintained, and don’t leave grease or crumbs lying around. Dust in factories is also a potential fire hazard. To avoid the risk of fire, active dust removal systems must be installed in these buildings. Dust in suspended forms can cause catastrophic fires in the presence of open flame.

Other causes of fire in the home include cooking and heating equipment like space heaters. While children are more likely to cause fires in the kitchen, these combustible materials can ignite while cooking. Overheating appliances and kitchen tools can easily ignite if not attended to. To avoid such fires, make sure that every kitchen has a fire extinguisher rated for kitchen fires. Another leading cause of fire in the home is heating equipment. There are approximately 35700 fires in homes due to heating equipment in 2018. Most fires occur when a cook leaves food simmering or baking unattended.

Smoking is a major cause of fire in the home and is responsible for nearly 1000 deaths a year. A lit cigarette can cause a major house fire. To reduce the risk of smoking-related fire, smoke outside the home. Candles also cause thousands of house fires each year. Unfortunately, most of these fires are the result of negligence. Never leave candles unattended, especially lit ones. They can easily spread a fire, so be sure to trim the wicks. Better yet, use battery-operated candles. There are also many other everyday items that can harm you.

Even a small fire can cause thousands of dollars in damage. It’s essential to know what to look for and how to prevent them.


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