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Electrical safety may not be the most glamorous aspect of maintaining your home or office but it’s of the utmost importance. When organising the electrical safety measures for your space, there are a few key tips that can keep the people around you safe.

Never touch electrical switches, outlets, or plugs with wet hands. This seems like a safety tip that doesn’t need an explanation, but actually, when you’re in a space where people are often plugging and unplugging equipment from electrical switches, it may be useful to have a reminder for them to not use wet hands.

Look out for frayed, torn, or otherwise damaged electrical cords, cables, etc. Unchecked problems usually get worse before they get better, and electrical equipment is no exception. If you see damaged cords or cables, take care of it sooner rather than later to avoid massive damages.

Make sure that employees are regularly trained on electrical safety and general safety precautions.

 Practice Safe Methods to Enhance Electrical Safety

Remove and maintain obstructions in walkways and (especially) exits. Make reasonable adjustments if required, e.g. providing clear markings and colour contrasts on steps or pathways so that people are able to see them in the dark, or build a ramp to allow access to a building so that someone with a wheelchair can be evacuated quickly.

Ensure that regular housekeeping methods are being maintained

In some jobs, enclosures and exhaust ventilation systems may fail to collect dust, dirt and chips adequately. Vacuum cleaners are suitable for removing light dust and dirt. Industrial models have special fittings for cleaning walls, ceilings, ledges, machinery, and other hard-to-reach places where dust and dirt may accumulate.

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