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The Importance of PAT Testing

importance of pat testing

When handling portable appliance testing it’s important to be wary of risks that aren’t visible to the naked eye, as they can be hard to spot. The tools, instruments and equipment used by electrical workers often have special design characteristics, and if they aren’t preserved, they can lead to dangerous electric risks.

Why is Portable Applicant Testing Important in the Workplace?

Employers/PCBU’s have a ‘duty of care’ to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Portable appliance testing is an important part of maintaining safety, whether it be in a business, home, school or workshop. Tools, instruments and equipment that are poorly maintained, inappropriately used or not fit for purpose can cause injuries, and lead to dangerous work environments for not only workers but anyone on the premises.

Prevent this by hiring a service provider to test all of your appliances, both stationary and portable, in order to sustain your working tools. Some people opt to purchase their own portable appliance tester however they’re not adequately insured to perform this task so if there is any discrepancy in their testing, they could be highly liable for anything that happens to their machines or anyone who uses them.

Hiring an Expert in Portable Applicance Testing

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we maintain the highest level of service when inspecting and testing appliances, and strive to keep them working for as long as possible.

Jim’s Test & Tag can determine the safety of your workplace, and is dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of your equipment. When tasked with testing your appliances, it’s important to use a portable appliance testing provider with the expertise and know how to keep you and your employees as safe as possible. Jim’s Test & Tag has been a leading expert in this field for 10 years and strives to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient service.

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