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Westcourt is a great suburb in Queensland to live in. We have Sports clubs for all ages close by, parks and modern amenities to keep you satisfied and ease of access to the city of Cairns. That’s why we’re proud to be the Test and Tag fire safety experts serving this community. Jim’s test and tag Westcourt are the ones that have your business’s best interest at heart. So if you’re in need of a fire safety upgrade or require PAT, RCD or earth safety tests, then call us today. Our number is 131 546 and you can also contact us at 131 546 today!

Why you should test and tag

As an employer, you may need to carry out tests and tags on your equipment in order to ensure its safety. While you may not think that you need to test and tag a kettle, a toaster, or a plug-in adaptor, it is important to know the importance of testing and tagging electrical equipment. Failure to do so can lead to fines, or even worse, an electrical accident. It is therefore essential to carry out tests and tags on your equipment regularly. Jim’s technicians can help you make sure your electronics are all compliant with Australian WHS regulations.

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