It is a delight to live in Wayville. Our team at Jim’s Test and Tag Wayville are pleased to serve as the community’s go-to experts for advice on electrical and fire safety. You owe it to your employees and to yourself as a business owner to provide a safe workplace.

This suggests that you should consider regularly testing and labelling your electrical products. Regular equipment inspections by a certified electrical contractor will protect your company’s finances and avert serious safety problems in the future. With the appropriate training and equipment, our team can do PAT, RCD, and soil safety testing. If you wish to make your home or place of business more fire-safe, then look no further. To learn more about what we can do for you! Call us at 131 546 or enquire by filling out the form below!

Test and Tag help prevent electrical fires

Electrical fires are a major threat. Faulty electrical appliances can start a fire, and they can severely damage a business.  By testing and tagging, faults can be detected early on, preventing potential fires in the home or workplace. with routine test and tag services, you can also prolong your equipment usability. In this situation, tagging is essential. So, why wait? We can talk you through the process at your free consultation! Get in touch to learn more at 131 546 today!


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