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Wangaratta has the best of both worlds. For anyone torn between the excitement of the city or the serenity of the mountain, living has to come down to Wangaratta South. Filled with community spirit, local shops and amenities, everyone knows each other here.

That’s why they trust us, Jim’s Test and Tag Wangaratta South, when it comes to their test and tag or fire safety needs. Jim’s Test and Tag have been providing Australian top-quality services for over a decade. Our technicians are certified, routinely trained and passionate about keeping Jim’s standard in every job they do. If you need a Test and Tag expert to help your home or business, then look no further. Reach us by calling 131 546 or by filling out the form below.

Testing and Tagging can prevent electrical fires.

The danger of fire in your workplace can be considerably decreased by routinely testing and tagging electrical items. The most frequent causes of electrical fires are broken outlets and old equipment. Faulty extension cables may reveal exposed wiring that might set off nearby combustible objects. Additionally, defective outlets and overloaded circuits can start a fire by heating electrical components.

Maintaining your equipment inventory and planning Test and Tag processes are important ways to lower this risk. These programmes are easy, affordable, and quick to implement. Additionally, you won’t need to relocate or shift your equipment. Electrical equipment may be streamlined and trustworthy on-site testing can be provided by a skilled Jim’s test and tag specialist.


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