There is always something new to try in Wandera. We’re one of the business industrial areas in Perth. We see many families and businesses travel over to get what they need. Despite this, there are great amenities for the residents of Wangara to enjoy. There are plenty of residential areas that many workers enjoy as they can easily commute to work.

If you have any questions concerning the state of your electrical system or your fire safety plan, we are the ones who can help. Jim’s test and tag Fire safety Wangara have provided electrical assessments and fire apparatus upgrades to the homes and businesses in our neighbourhood for the past ten years. To give you confidence that your neighbourhood is secure, we promise to continually deliver excellent services. Maintaining your electrical equipment is a good idea. Without your knowledge, electrical issues might arise and endanger lives, damage property, result in accidents, or even start fires. Your fire prevention system may be challenging to update. Additionally, we can help you by ensuring that your smoke alarms, exit lights, and fire extinguishers are functional. Call 131 546 to learn more about what we can do for you.

What is the point of test and tag?

Firstly, test and tag is an important process to ensure the safety of staff and equipment. It is an essential aspect of electrical safety and can protect your property and contents, as well as your stock. In the event of an electrical fire, you’ll have proof that your equipment meets all current legal requirements and electrical safety guidelines. This can lower your insurance premiums, as it shows that you’re compliant with electrical safety requirements.


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