The Unley neighbourhood is superb. From opulent parks to reasonably priced homes, everyone will find something here, and everything they need is close by. even the staff’s electrical and fire safety specialists.

Your local Jim’s test and tag Unley have been serving our community for over a decade strong. Our clients are always glad to put their faith and livelihoods in the Jim’s name, as we only aim for high-quality and credited job performance. We perform authorised PAT, RCD, and earth safety testing to support your continued adherence to Australian workplace safety standards. Call 131 546 right away to find out more about what we can do for you.

Why is testing and tagging necessary?

The prevention of electrical fires depends on the regular testing and labelling of electrical equipment. The testing procedure is quick and simple, and it is frequently carried out by licenced electrical professionals. This service is perfect for industrial businesses that routinely employ electrical equipment as well as any other setting where flammable liquids are kept. When the equipment’s flammable substances come into touch with an ignition source, explosions may result. Because of the flammable vapours produced by the equipment, there is a considerable risk of fire in specific industries, such as the oil and gas sector. Call the local safety specialists if you think you might be exposed to electrical risks

Upgrading your fire safety is another area of expertise for our Jim’s test and tag team. We provide fire safety guidance, updates, and assessments to ensure your protection while working. Call 131 546 right away to find out more about what we can do for you.


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