Testing and Tagging is the process of inspecting and testing all in service electrical equipment for personal safety. Each year hundreds of lives are saved due to timely testing and tagging of electrical equipment. This not only helps in saving lives, but also can reduce the risk of lengthy insurance claims in the event of a tragedy.


Fire Extinguisher tests need to be done at least every 6 months. Fire Extinguishers are the easiest and fastest way of protecting you and your business when a fire occurs. Smoke alarms are now mandatory in dwellings across most Australian states, with reports that they can reduce house fire deaths by up to 60%., It’s critical to regularly get your smoke alarm and fire extinguishers tested properly.


Even if you know where all the exits are located and all the emergency & exit lights seem to be in working order, regular testing and maintenance is the only way to minimise the risk of faulty emergency & exit lights in an emergency situation. Emergency & exit light testing is a 6-monthly legislative requirement,, which will ultimately help to increase the safety for employees and clients in your workplace.


Whenever a microwave oven is turned on, radiation energy is produced causing the water in food to vibrate rapidly. This rapid vibration produces heat, which in turn cooks the food. The energy produced by a microwave oven can also penetrate through living tissue which is why exposure is harmful to our health.


An RCD (Residual Current Device) is the industry term for a safety switch. An RCD’s main purpose is to prevent severe electrical shocks from occurring. An RCD acts as a life saving device; it detects and halts the power in an electrical socket preventing dangerous electric currents and fatal electric shocks. RCD’s are usually located on a switchboard but can be used portably. Every home and workplace should enlist in regular RCD safety switch testing to ensure they are working correctly.


At Jim’s Test & Tag, our technicians provide earth fault loop impedance test services, designed to test the electrical earth of all power points and electrical installations and discover any faults within your electric circuit. In order to ensure you and your employees’ safety and the accuracy of our earth fault loop test results, we will also always test the power point we use for our portable appliance tester when we provide our other testing and tagging services.


Test and Tag Surfers Paradise

Safety is not something you can afford to take for granted, so it’s important to make sure the electrical equipment used in your business is properly tested and tagged. Read More

Ensure your appliances are safe with test and tag in Surfers Paradise

The inspection tests the safety of electrical equipment to reduce the risk of danger to people using the equipment or otherwise coming into contact with it, and also helps avoid damage caused by faulty appliances (provided the faulty items are repaired or replaced).

Tagging the equipment shows that the inspection was done, the date the inspection was performed, and the identity of the inspector. The tag will have a coloured border which is often confusing for those who don’t understand the meaning of the colour codes used.

The colour of the border on the tag does not relate to the health of the appliance but to the time of year the inspection took place. That is necessary because in some environments there isn’t time to closely examine a tag, and workers need to be able to see with a single glance that the appliance has already been inspected.

Every business can benefit from making sure its appliances are in good shape, but in some industries where there is a greater level of risk – construction, demolition, mining, etc. – these test and tag inspections are mandatory and must be completed at least every three months.

Even if your industry does not require mandatory inspections, it is still a sensible precaution to take periodically. This is because if an employee or other person is injured due to use of an appliance that had not been tested to ensure it was safe for use, you may be found liable for their injuries.

Jim’s Test & Tag is now open in Surfers Paradise

There is no name more recognizable in the service industry than Jim’s. Started in 1982 with investment capital of just $24, providing simple gardening services to the local area. Since then, the business has grown into a major international operation offering dozens of services to residential, corporate, and industrial clients.

Jim’s is the logical choice. We employee experts in each service offered, and every franchise is a small business run by local people who know the area and participate in their local community.

Our reputation is important to us, because every customer knows that when they hire a Jim’s service, they’re going to get a truly professional result at a genuine value price. This is your assurance that whatever services you are buying from a Jim’s franchise, you are investing in quality.

What gets tested

The test and tag process involves a number of steps that should be completed:

  • Verify identity of the asset. If a product doesn’t properly meet it’s description or has an incorrect serial number, it can be an indication of a more serious problem afoot than simply the matter of whether the item can be operated safely. For example, it may be an off-brand (fake) item, which is not only potentially dangerous but also indicates something inappropriate has occurred in the supply chain.
  • Check that the asset does not show excessive signs of wear, such that the damage to the item may render it unsafe to operate. For example, if there are exposed wires, buttons have lost their covers, screws are missing, or the unit is cracked, these factors may make the appliance unsafe to operate until it is repaired or replaced.
  • Check the asset is drawing the rated amount of power and does not show abnormal peaks and troughs in current or voltage.
  • Make note of any other abnormalities which may indicate the item requires attention or servicing.

Ready to serve your test and tag needs right here in Surfers Paradise

Now you don’t need to look far to find a reliable safety inspector to complete your test and tag needs. Jim’s Test & Tag is now available in Surfers Paradise, and we can travel to any client site within the region to check your appliances. It’s always smart to be safe, and now with an economical test and tag service available locally, it’s even easier than ever to manage electrical safety in the workplace.

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Our Personnel

We’ve spent over 10 years in this business. We’ve taken this time to perfect our craft and to this day we continue growing and expanding. Our staff is technically trained and is able to keep our clients informed with their testing and tagging as we complete their inspections.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a service provider shouldn’t be a daunting task, as long as you have a provider with a knowledgeable staff and a reputation you can trust. When tasked with testing and tagging, it’s important to use a service provider with the skill and equipment to ensure passing inspection. Jim’s Test & Tag has been a leading expert in this field for over 10 years and strives to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient service.