Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is home to world-class beaches, lovely, serene suburbs, and an amazing climate. The suburbs here provide its residents with a laid-back way of life. So it’s no surprise that this attractive lifestyle has hundred of people flocking over to start a new lifestyle. That makes it even more crucial that your business or residential areas are well protected from electrical hazards or even fires. With Jim’s test and Tag in your Sunshine Coast suburb, we’ve got your back.

Jim’s Test & Tag’s Sunshine Coast technicians can visit your business and perform a thorough inspection and Electrical Testing Tagging of all appliances to make sure they are fully compliant with safety standards. More importantly, they can help you fulfil your responsibility under OH&S regulations by creating a safe environment for both your customers and employees.

Sunshine Coast businesses that require test and tag can avail of a free, no-obligation quote just by getting in touch with us today. We are the go-to team that countless Australian organizations turn to every single day because we have earned a reputation for our thorough, dependable service.

Searching for a reliable and competent test and tag service on the Sunshine Coast?

If you are one of the many people who have been combing through the internet and local directories to find the best test and tag service on the Sunshine Coast, then congratulations! Your search is over! Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, we pride ourselves on our extreme dedication to ensuring that our customers are safe from electrical hazards, whether that be in the workplace.


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