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Test & Tag Services Sunshine Coast

Testing & Tagging

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislation in Sunshine Coast, QLD, AU imposes a duty of care to provide a safe workplace. Failure to ensure the safety of electrical equipment may result in the death or injury of yourself, your employees or others.

To discharge your duty of care you are required to reduce the risk of electrical shock as far as practicable. One method of achieving this is to ensure your tools, leads and appliances are tested for electrical fault on a regular basis.

Jim’s Test & Tag is a national test and tag organisation that is committed to assisting businesses in the provision of a safe work place. We are a part of the Jim’s Group of businesses led by Jim Penman, one of Australia’s most recognised entrepreneurs.

The Jim’s Group has a structured format aimed at ensuring each level provides maximum service to their ‘customers’. The Divisional Franchisor directs the operations of the Franchise and supports the Regional Franchisors. The Regional Franchisor directs the business in their area and in turn supports their Franchisees. Customers of a Jim’s Test & Tag franchisee have the backing of the franchisee’s franchisor, the divisional franchisor and the Jim’s Group.

Fire Extinguishers – Supply, Install & Servicing

Jim’s Test & Tag test, inspect & install portable fire equipment. Testing is performed by a fully licensed and insured technician as per AS 1851:2012. Changeover program will remove the requirement of a pressure test.

Fire Hose Reels – Supply, Install & Servicing

We can arrange to inspect, test and install portable fire hose reels and a range of other fire services. Fire hose reel testing are performed by a trained and insured technician as per the AS 1851 standard. We will work with you to ensure that you always remain compliant.

First Aid Kits

Jim’s Test & Tag are able to supply and maintain your first aid kits.

Inspection and Testing & Tagging of Electrical Appliances

Jim’s Test & Tag can come to your business and undertake a full inspection and Electrical Testing Tagging of all appliances to ensure they are fully compliant with safety standards, helping you to discharge your duty of care for OH&S regulations and, more importantly, test and tag Sunshine Coast technicians provide a safe place for your employees and your customers.

Light Globe Supply and Replacement

Poor lighting can impact your employee’s health and well being. Jim’s Electrical Test & Tag is able to conduct a regular globe replacement program to ensure adequate lighting. Our test and tag Sunshine Coast technicians are also able to dispose of your globes in an environmentally friendly way and in accordance with local legislation.

Microwave Radiation Leakage & Power Output

Microwave radiation leakage and microwave power output tests ensure that your microwave is not leaking dangerous radiation and that it is heating food to the correct temperatures. The power output test is especially important for the food industry.

Saftey Switch (RCD) Testing

Residual Current Devices – Safety Switches. Our test and tag Sunshine Coast process includes a ‘push button’ and ‘trip time’ test to help ensure that these devices provide the necessary protection.

Smoke Alarm Testing

Jim’s Test & Tag is able to test and replace the batteries, replace faulty alarms and dispose of non-energised smoke alarms (extra low voltage).

Emergency Lighting – Discharge Testing

Testing of emergency and exit lighting systems is conducted in accordance with AS/NZS 2293.2:1995.

We all depend on electricity. It makes so many things possible in our world and we would arguably be a lot less well off without it. While electricity is by no means a new asset that we are just coming to terms with, the danger of complacency when working with electrical goods is something that we must remain vigilant about.

Sunshine Coast Test and Tag Professionals

The fact that we are used to it does not lessen the impact that it can have when faults arise. If you are facilities or office manager and require test and tag services on the Sunshine Coast, then there is a reliable team ready to visit your premises today.

Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, we respect the power of electricity and understand how best to safeguard the tools and equipment that we use every day so that we gain the greatest possibilities to profit from it. We take a rigorous approach when we check your electrical equipment to ensure that it is working as it should and that any risks of fault are properly addressed.

We fully understand that the presence of specialist electrical tester may be viewed as a disruption to your day. However, consider the alternate possibilities in this regard. Our service makes it possible for you and your workers to do what you do best, without having to worry about the safety of your equipment, and the harm that a fault could cause.

How to Eliminate Electrical Accidents That Are Waiting to Happen

At Jim’s Test and Tag, we believe that an undetected electrical fault is potentially lethal. Your responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of your workforce and the duty of care you are expected to deliver make it essential to schedule regular electrical testing.

We have heard plenty of stories about faults arising in the wake of electrical equipment being tested, only to learn thereafter that an unqualified person carried out the inspection. While there are plenty of people out there that understand a lot about electrical products, our team have undergone significant training that specifically addresses all of the areas that need to be tested against.

Sunshine Coast businesses that require test and tag can avail of a free, no-obligation quote just by getting in touch with us today. We are the go-to team that countless Australian organisations turn to every single day because we have earned a reputation for our thorough, dependable service.

If you want to eliminate electrical accidents that are waiting to happen but that you simply cannot see, then seeking out professional assistance is the best action to take. We handle the due diligence in terms of inspection, testing and tagging, and we will keep you fully informed of our results.

Prevention is Our Number One Priority

Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, we believe that knowledge is power. As such, we not only use the considerable knowledge that we have gained over our decade in the industry to identify risks in your workplace, but we also help you understand where gaps are and can provide you with the remedies. Prevention is our number one priority and we are committed to the clients that we work with.

We can provide you with a handy reminder service that will ensure you are in full compliance at all times. On our schedule, you will always have faith in the electrical equipment on your premises. So, for the best test and tag professionals on the Sunshine Coast, look no further than the team at Jim’s Test and Tag.

Searching for a reliable and competent test and tag service on the Sunshine Coast?

If you are one of the many people who have been combing through the internet and local directories to find the best test and tag service on the Sunshine Coast, then congratulations! Your search is over! Here at Jim’s Test and Tag, we pride ourselves on our extreme dedication to ensuring that our customers are safe from electrical hazards, whether that be in the workplace or at home.

We are also proud of our dedication to ensuring that our service helps people achieve greater peace of mind and we’re completely committed to ensuring that our customers are more than satisfied with the work that we have completed.

Why should you use our test and tag service?

We have been working within this industry for over a decade and we have collected a wealth of experience in that time. We commit ourselves to ensuring that our staff are trained beyond the minimum requirements of competence because we strongly believe that what we do is important. For us, and many of our customers, safety is paramount. Within the workplace or at home, we want to reduce the likelihood of any electrical hazards causing damage to people or property.

With us, you know that you are getting a quality service and that your workplace or home will be a much safer place to be. Unlike other companies, we advise all of our customers to beware of tags that have been handwritten. Instead, we use a simple system, which ensures that a thorough testing process is adhered to before a tag is printed and attached.

In the interest of increased safety, we will not provide a tag unless all of our stringent tests have been undertaken and we are confident that compliance with health and safety regulations has been achieved.

Are there any additional benefits to using our service?

In addition to our highly trained staff, our excellent service, and our dedication to promoting security, choosing to use our service also means that you can take advantage of additional services and benefits. For example, we make sure that all of our results have additional validity by also testing the power point that we use for our testing apparatus.

We also offer a bespoke reminder service because we recognise that in the hustle and bustle of modern day living, it is easy to forget when certain jobs need doing. For that reason, we want to reduce your need to be organised and relieve the pressure of tracking dates for re-testing. We will happily get in touch with you a few weeks prior to your re-test date and arrange a time that suits you to do a re-test and tag.

If you want to ensure that your workplace or home is protected from electrical hazards, if you want to maximise safety and ensure that the job has been done properly, if you want a dedicated and professional service, then you need to make the right choice and hire us for all of your testing and tagging needs.

Our technicians will conduct an emergency lighting discharge test and record results in your on-site logbook. Our technicians in Sunshine Coast are dedicated to helping families and businesses remain safe and compliant with a range of electrical safety services. Call us today on 131 546 or inquire online to organise a test and tag specialist in Sunshine Coast to visit your domestic premises or rental property.

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