The best spot to live is in WA’s Success. Because there are so many well-kept parks and many tranquil hang-out spots that encircle the lakes, it’s easy to want to spend the day outdoors. In Success, sunny days are always appreciated. However, on some sunny days, there may be fires or electrical problems. Therefore, it makes sense to talk to a local authority about your test and tag requirements. People who genuinely care about your company or family can be found at Jim’s test and tag Success If you require a PAT, RCD, or earth safety testing, or if you need a fire safety update, call us right away. To call us straight away, dial 131 546.

Jim’s Test and Tag Fire Safety Success are here to help!

Our neighbourhood Jim’s test and tag teams have been operating there for a long time. They know the best way to get to you as well as the favourite local stores and coffee places. The best part is that they have firsthand experience in avoiding electrical risks and fires in your neighbourhood. The secret to any safety optimisation is understanding the conditions that your electrical appliances operate in as well as the general fire signs and regions.



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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546