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Keeping your community safe

Bunbury South, with all its quirky ways of life, is truly an incredibly unique and out-of-this-world city. This eccentric city really does feel so much more exclusive from other cities. But that’s not all Bunbury South has in store.

An ocean surrounds the town, thriving with majestic dolphins and sea life. Additionally, the wild flowers, abundantly scattered around the town, making walking across the forestry pathway a truly rare experience.

That’s why at Jim’s Test and Tag, we would love to help make sure this town stays just as special as it is.

Our inspectors are not only amicable and professional, but also fully trained, insured and enthusiastic to help the local community thrive.

If you’re still reading this, why not call 131 546 and book a quick & easy inspection today.


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South Bunbury, Western Australia, 6230


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Frequently Asked Questions

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All Jim’s Test & Tag professionals are trained with a high level of expertise and knowledge of the test and tag industry including State Legislation and electrical safety requirements. These include OHS/WHS, and AS/NZS 3760 standards. At Jim’s Test & Tag we can provide our expert advice to ensure your home or work is safety compliant.

It is essential to test and tag all portable and non-portable electrical appliances with a flexible and detachable supply lead in your workplace. Portable appliances are located in more areas than you may realise; like the office kitchen or construction areas.

Jim’s Test & Tags fees are based on the number of tests we complete for you. This test rate includes all labour, test equipment, test tags, and reporting. For a complete quote call Jim’s Test & Tag on 1800 214 795.