South Brisbane

South Brisbane has that lovely riverside suburban life you could hope for. The river is lined with many exhibits, restaurants, galleries and a giant Ferris wheel. Despite the busy streets, there is still a grand sense of community There are always fantastic Collective Markets, full of homemade and handcrafted items to take home and use forever. Grey Street is always a local favourite spot to catch up and try out all the new grub.

For the past ten years, Jim’s Test and Tag South Brisbane has assisted our locals and companies in safeguarding themselves from electrical risks. At your location, we have qualified professionals who are knowledgeable in every aspect of electrical and fire safety. Contacting our local team will allow you to offer them the opportunity to observe how our products function in your setting and the likelihood of fires beginning firsthand. This information is essential since it will help you understand your situation and calm any worries you might have about electrical and fire threats. Customers are frequently taken aback by our staff’s abilities to strengthen their fire safety system while resolving electrical issues. Do you need further information from our team? Contact us at 131 546, or fill out the form here.

Is testing and tagging worth it?

The benefits of testing and tagging electrical appliances are well worth the time and money. Not only will it help minimise the risk of an electrical fire, but it will also protect your stock and business premises from further damage. Faulty appliances can cause huge damage to your premises, stock, and people in your workplace. It can also lead to a loss of trading and future income. By performing tests and tagging regularly, you will be protecting your property from electrical risks and lowering your insurance premium.


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