Silverwater is a great choice for first-home buyers. This suburb of Parramatta has all the affordable housing options, great restaurants and cafes to explore more and all the natural parks to settle down in.

Making sure that electrical and fire safety equipment is functional and safe to use is advantageous. Jim’s Test and Tag Fire Safety Silverwater have been protecting your neighbourhood from electrical hazards for more than ten years. Equipment may still have minor, undetectable defects even though it appears to be in excellent working order. When used often, a device’s likelihood of deterioration rises. We offer the services you need to help reduce electrical risks at home and in business. Because we are close by, OHS-certified, and passionate about this industry, our specialists can deliver the results you need. contact 131 546 or fill up a form.

How often should you test and tag your equipment?

An essential component of electrical safety in business facilities is routine testing and tagging. Once or twice a year, a qualified electrical safety professional should perform it as they would be certified and experienced enough to give youth advice and solutions you need. The test and tag specialist will check the electrical system for any code violations and potential dangers. We understand the dangers of dealing with electricity. Electrical faults can cause sparks, leading to user injury or even property damage. Learn more on how you can prevent this today by calling 131 546 or by filling out the form below.


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