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For many years, Jim’s Test and Tag Salisbury has been delivering top-notch electrical testing and tagging and fire safety services to the community of South Australia. Our team comprises skilled, enthusiastic, and seasoned professionals who are committed to helping your business meet and surpass the OHS & WHS standards. We strive to achieve complete safety for workers and visitors alike, safeguarding homes, businesses, and people against electrical and fire hazards such as exposed wires or expired fire extinguishers.

Testing and Tagging to help maintain a safe work environment

Test and tag refer to the procedure of visually inspecting electrical appliances to ensure their safety. The process involves checking for polarity, earthing, and the security of electrical components. It is a required practice to ensure the safety of people in the workplace and to meet the requirements set by state and workplace electrical safety regulations. During the test and tag process, the company will make sure that each electrical appliance is safe to use, and that the safety standards for the appliance are m.

Why Choose Jim’s Test & Tag Salisbury?

Jim’s Test and Tag Salisbury is a locally owned and operated franchise that prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. With a dedicated team of experienced, qualified technicians we strive to deliver a service tailored to your unique business requirements so you can keep staff and visitors safe. Our high-quality testing equipment and comprehensive reports ensure you reach and exceed OHS and WHS safety compliance and most importantly, prevent potential accidents. Our fast turnaround times will ensure a seamless service with disruptions to your business minimised so you can get back to doing what you do best.

The Jim’s Difference

We understand that productivity is critical for your business. To minimise disruption, we’ll make sure to:

Schedule Services at Quiet Times: We prioritise your business operations by scheduling your test and tag and fire safety services during your quieter periods. This way, we minimise any potential disruptions, allowing you to focus on your core activities without interruption.

Free Timely Reminders: Forget about keeping track of when your test and tag service is due. Our complimentary reminder service takes care of that for you. We will send you timely reminders, ensuring that you never miss an important maintenance deadline. This helps you stay compliant with safety regulations, thereby ensuring the ongoing safety of your workplace.

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