Looking for a town that offers conventionality, warm receptions, friendly neighbours and all the buzz you would get from the city? Then Salisbury is the place to be. We at Jim’s Test and Tag Salisbury are proud to call this pocket of Adelaide our home. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that our neighbourhood is rid of avoidable at-home or work safety hazards. Our well-prepared and comprehensively qualified expert technicians can review your electrical and fire safety apparatus for any harm. By using our industry-backed equipment, you can have peace of mind knowing your gear is in working condition and that your property is safe from any unfortunate accidents. You’ll be working with experienced and well-trained technicians, who are eager to answer any questions and provide detailed advice. With our competitive quotation and free comprehensive consultation, it would be a shame not to call. Call your local test and Tag heroes of Salisbury today at 131 546!

Testing and Tagging help maintain a safe work environment

Test and tag refer to the procedure of visually inspecting electrical appliances to ensure their safety. The process involves checking for polarity, earthing, and the security of electrical components. It is a required practice to ensure the safety of people in the workplace and to meet the requirements set by state and workplace electrical safety regulations. During the test and tag process, the company will make sure that each electrical appliance is safe to use, and that the safety standards for the appliance are m

How often do I need to test and tag?

Depending on the workplace, electrical testing is recommended every three months to five years. In high-risk environments, the equipment needs to be tested daily. If it’s in a quiet office, it only needs to be tested every two years. If you have questions regarding the frequency of testing, Jim’s test and tag technician can advise you based on the Australian workplace safety standards. 

It can prevent fires

Regularly testing and tagging electrical appliances can significantly reduce the risk of fire in your workplace. Electrical fires are most often caused by faulty outlets and outdated appliances. Faulty extension cords can expose exposed wire that could ignite flammable materials in the vicinity. Also, overloaded circuits and faulty outlets can cause a fire by overheating electrical components. A good way to reduce this risk is to maintain your equipment inventories and schedule Test and Tag programs. These programs are simple, cost-effective and quick to conduct. Fortunately, you won’t have to move or reposition your equipment. A qualified Jim’s test and tag technician can streamline electrical devices and offer reliable on-site testing

There are so many benefits to testing and tagging your workplace or household electrical equipment. From your kettle to a workplace switchboard, Jim’s test and tag Salisbury are here to serve you. so get in touch at 131 546, or apply for a free on-site quote with the link below.


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