Rydalmere is a unique suburb of NSW. Here there is a great mix of historical landmarks and modern-day living. You can enjoy the cooling riverside life here. We enjoy taking the kids down to the Rydalmere ferry wharf to get some fresh air.

We are the ones who can assist you if you have inquiries about the condition of your electrical system or your fire safety plan. For the past 10 years, Jim’s has offered electrical evaluations and fire apparatus improvements to the businesses in our neighbourhood. We pledge to consistently provide first-rate services to provide you peace of mind that your neighbourhood is secure. Your electrical equipment is something you should give some thought to. Electrical problems might develop without your knowledge and threaten lives, harm property, cause mishaps, or even ignite fires. Updating your fire protection system could also be difficult. Additionally, we can assist you in ensuring that your fire extinguishers, exit lights, and smoke alarms are operational. Call your local Jim’s Test and Tag Rydalmere 131 546.

Why should you test and tag your equipment and how frequently you should do it? 

Testing and tagging are important safety procedures. These procedures are required on all electrical appliances, including small appliances such as extension cords. Testing is required for different equipment based on its use, location, and environment. Depending on its use, the frequency of testing will vary. In general, the rule of thumb is to test and tag electrical equipment at least every three months, and if it is used on construction sites, then it must be tested every five years.


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