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Many say the tourist attraction ruins the town, but if I was lucky enough to walk along the soft sand, wake up to a colourful sky and breathe in the crisp sea air, It would be cruel to prevent anyone from enjoying the natural wonders Rosebud has to offer. Abundant with all you could need from amenities to a wide range of shops and eateries, you’ll never want to leave.

This is why Jim’s Test and Tag Rosebud are committed to ensuring your livelihoods are safe and secure with thorough electrical in-fire safety assessments. We understand if you’re simply passing through, but we make certain that your lodging is a secure environment in which to stay. With our cutting-edge home testing, you can be assured that your residents will get all of the necessary safety safeguards to allow them to relax. Your safety is just a phone call away with everything at your fingertips, including your local Jim’s test and tag. Call 131 546 right now.

Why Testing and Tagging is important.

Testing and tagging electrical equipment have many advantages. First and foremost, it helps you prevent hazards that could lead to the injuries of people using the appliance. This is especially important in the workplace where equipment that is defective or hazardous can endanger the welfare of employees and customers. Second, it helps you avoid any fines that may be imposed on your business if the appliance is not tested and tagged. Third, testing and tagging can help you identify problems in the appliance and fix them immediately. if you’re interested in how our services can help you then get in touch today. Fill out the form below or call 131 546.


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