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Test and Tag Regulations in SA

Employee performing test and tag services

Any business that uses electrical equipment must be compliant with the test and tag regulations in SA. At a minimum, they are required to ensure that staff and customers are not exposed to electrical risks, that residual current devices (RCDs) are used in high risk environments and that a qualified individual has installed the electrical equipment. Following this, businesses must continuously retest within the maximum interval.

Test and tag regulations are implemented to keep your staff and customers safe. If left untested, there are risks of electric shocks, fires, the release of toxic gases and even explosions so keeping on top of them is crucial.


Is Test and Tag a Legal Requirement in SA?

The test and tag requirements detail many components including the type of work and equipment, the frequency of testing, individuals who can carry out the test and tag and how to record the test correctly. Lets break each of these areas down to see how they are affected.

The Type of Work and Equipment

The test and tag requirements change depending on what industry you work in. For example, electrical equipment in the construction industry has different requirements to the manufacturing industry. Ensure that you choose a professional with great experience in your field to carry out your testing.

The Frequency of Testing

How often you need to have each item retested depends purely on the electrical risks. Some equipment will need testing every 3 months, others will be every 12 months. When choosing a company to complete your testing, you are often relieved of the pressure of tracking as they will have a reminder service.

Who Can Carry Out the Testing?

The test and tag needs to be carried out by an individual who has been appointed as competent by their employer. They must have adequate training, qualifications and experience or a combination of the three. They should be confident when testing various types of equipment and have extensive knowledge of OH&S and WH&S requirements.

How Should the Test be Recorded?

There are guidelines as to how the test is recorded for it to have validity. A record must specify the full name of the person performing the testing, the outcome of the test, the date of the current test and also the date that the next test is due. This is most commonly applied as a tag to the electrical equipment.

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