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Test and Tag Regulations in QLD

Risk assessment - Electrical test and tag standards

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, there should be no shortcuts. Ensuring you have adequate tags for your electrical equipment should be of utmost importance and finding the best professional for the job is essential.

Here we will outline the qualities of a competent individual, whether test and tag is a legal requirement in QLD and how to choose a quality test and tag company to perform your checks.

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Qualities of a Competent Individual

Only a person that has been appointed as competent by their employer can test and tag your electrical equipment. Let’s discuss the some of the qualities that a competent individual will have.

  • They possess relevant skills that have been obtained through training, experience, qualifications or a combination of all three
  • They have the confidence to understand their boundaries and not take risks
  • They are experienced with using the correct testing equipment and are familiar with the correct requirements when tagging each item

Is Test and Tag a Legal Requirement in QLD?

Ensuring your electrical equipment meets OH&S and WH&S standards is of utmost importance and neglecting the test and tag requirements can result in heavy fines as well as putting your staff and customers at risk. Not only do your electrical items need testing and tagging, there are also maximum intervals outlining how often they need to be reassessed.

The frequency of reassessment depends on the type of work and equipment. As an example, if you are in the construction industry, transportable structures, fixed and transportable equipment and construction wiring will need to be retested and tagged every 6 months. For other equipment in the construction industry, this will need to be redone every 3 months.

The company or individual that you appoint to do your test and tag assessments should have knowledge of various types of electrical equipment including both double insulated and protectively earthed as this affects the maximum test and tag interval. If you do your research and choose a reputable individual or company, you may be able to sign up to a reminder service whereby you are contacted near the end of the interval to book a revisit.

Choose a Company That You Can Trust

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, you should not be taking risks. Choosing a competent individual or company for the testing and tagging of your equipment not only reduces your stress levels, it also gives you peace of mind that your staff and customers are safe.

For a quality company, choose Jim’s Test and Tag in Queensland. Utilising a system that will only produce a tag once rigorous testing has been competed, you can rest assured that the service you receive is of top quality. Our team are trained to the highest standard and are dedicated to providing the best service possible. We are ready to visit your sites at short notice to ensure all new equipment is adequately tested and even offer a reminder service, easing the pressure of tracking retest dates.

When you choose Jim’s Test and Tag, you are in safe hands. Contact us today to see how we can ensure you stay compliant with the regulations in QLD. For more information about regulations in QLD visit

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