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Locals who also know and love Pimpama work with Jim’s Test and Tag Fire Safety. There is so much to adore about Pimpama. Built for lovers of nature, whilst making it a great location to build a family and career with Brisbane being only a half hour away. On the weekends, they usually hang out in neighbourhood eateries, and their kids attend local schools.

Jim’s Test and Tag Fire Safety has provided services in Pimpama for a long time. Because it offers excellent customer service, the brand is well-known and trusted by the community. Regardless matter how important or simple your test and tag needs are, we will help you and offer some great advice. At your house or place of business, we may perform PAT, RCD, and Earth Safety testing. Furthermore, we are trained to upgrade any existing fire safety equipment you may have. Get in touch today!

Why should you test and tag?

Regardless of whether you have appliances in your storefront or office space, you should regularly test and tag them. There are various standards for this type of testing. Some appliances require yearly testing, while others should be tested every six months. Most companies require testing and tagging of electrical appliances, but there are exceptions. You should check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure your electrical appliances are safe.


8am - 8pm

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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


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