North Sydney

North Sydney is such a reliable neighbourhood. There is no need to travel outside of this well-kept suburb. Full of well-lit streets, all the newest eateries and shopping stores and new residential areas suitable for all ages. This is truly a place where the hustle of the city and the reliability of public transport is on your side.

That’s why we fit in so well here. Jim’s test and tag fire safety North Sydney are here to help with all your electrical and fire safety needs. With free quotation services that are tailored specifically for you. Regardless matter how long your company has been in operation, following Australian standard WHS guidelines is critical. That is why you must select the appropriate individuals to test and tag your equipment. Testing and labelling your electrical equipment may help to ensure its safety. Our North Sydney professionals provide a variety of services, including PAT, RCD, Earth Safety inspections, and fire equipment evaluation. Fill out this contact form if you require a business test and tag.

Why should you test and tag?

Why you should test and tag electrical equipment? The simple answer is that electrical equipment is a potential hazard. It’s easy to overlook the importance of regularly testing appliances, especially those made of plastic. Even appliances as seemingly insignificant as a kettle or toaster may need tagging to ensure safety. People don’t take this practice seriously until something goes wrong and they end up getting electrocuted. By performing regular tests, you’ll avoid the need for costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your electrical equipment.


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