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Mount Pleasant

If you’re in the mood for green, Mount Pleasant is undoubtedly a leafy paradise. Take in the peace and tranquilly that this town’s happy, long-term residents have to offer. That’s why Jim’s test and tag Mount Pleasant love it here. We will make sure that any potential safety dangers in your Mount Pleasant workplace and business are eliminated.

Our services include everything related to electrical and fire safety. These include PAT, RCD and earth safety tests. Testing and tagging can help detect any electrical faults in your equipment. This can help protect yourself and your business from any damage. Being aware of the issue is one of the first steps in your journey to safety. So with a free consultation with one of our experts, we can answer all your questions when you need them. Call our staff at 131 546 and they will be happy to direct you to your nearest team! 

Why should you test and tag?

Electrical appliances in a production workplace are vital for a number of reasons. Faulty or defective appliances can be dangerous and result in an accident that can cause damage to customers or employees. In addition to preventing accidents, testing and tagging electrical appliances ensures that they will work as they should, and will help you avoid hefty fines.


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131 546