Mildura is a great Victorian suburb for all ages. Right next to the stunning Murray river, we get the best rural Victoria has to offer. While you may think Mildur is only well known for our delicious citrus and wine, our residents would beg to differ. There are many water and motorsports, retail and cafes to give a go as well.

Our Jim’s Test and Tag Mildura service have been repairing electrical problems in your local places of business since 2003. You might be able to acquire quick, efficient, and thorough testing and tagging services right when you need them because they are only in your neighbourhood. Each of our specialists has a licence, and certification, and receives continual training to ensure that they can handle any problem as skilfully as possible. We can also make sure you are prepared for a fire. Many people are unaware that their smoke alarms have not been functioning for a few weeks, which might be extremely important in an emergency. If you require adjustments for your PAT, RCD, Earth Safety, or fire kit, we can help. Get the help you need by calling 131 546 or filling out the form here

What are tests and tags? – Electrical Safety Local Knowledge

Testing and tagging is an important safety procedure for electric and electronic appliances. The testing process involves visually inspecting the device to detect any defects. A tag is then attached to the appliance, which identifies the person who tested it and when it is due for a subsequent test. Keeping electrical appliances properly tagged can protect workers and prevent accidents caused by electrical hazards. Unsure how this applies to you? Call our experts at 131 546 and they will be happy to answer your questions. 


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