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Midland has all you need. Here you get great shopping options, and modern townhouse areas and is known to be one of the safest suburbs in Perth.

Jim’s Test and Tag Fire Safety provides local knowledge, experience, and expertise for all of Midland. Because we serve tens of thousands of Australian companies, we are the best option for all of your electrical and fire safety needs. Our test and tag franchisees in Midland are fully licenced, qualified, trained, and insured. To keep your workplace safe, we deliver RCD Safety Switch testing, PAT inspections, and Earth Safety inspections. When you phone 131 546, you could be able to acquire specialised services, affordable costs, and a free consultation because they are acquainted with your fire and electrical systems. 

How does testing and tagging help?

Not only will testing your electrical equipment on a regular basis protect you and your staff, but it can also lower the likelihood of electrical mishaps and injuries. Electrical faults can occur without you realising, making it that much more of a nasty surprise if they begin to flare up or malfunction. Contact a reliable business right away to see how you can obtain a free quote for testing your appliances if you’re unsure whether you need to test and tag your appliances.


8am - 8pm

Head Office Location

48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546