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The Midwest is a masterpiece of a town, full of adventure, breathtaking scenery, great locations you’ve never seen before, and one of the best names ever. It is near to all amenities. There is a tonne of excitement waiting for you in this town, with no shortage of convenience stores, public transportation, and parties.

We at Jim’s Test and Tag Midwest want to keep the celebration going for that reason. Only the highest standards are the goal of our safety technicians. You may relax knowing that your test and tag concerns are being taken care of thanks to ongoing industry training and a commitment to maintaining community safety! Jim’s test and tag Midwest take pride in their community support which is why they are always open to feedback from their peers and clients. Jim’s test and tag Midwest is truly a place of high quality and finesse. We offer RCD Safety Switch tests, PAT checks and Earth Safety assessments to help your workplace stay protected. To schedule a free consultation right away, contact 131 546 or fill out the form here.

What is The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760?

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 defines the requirements for electrical safety appliances. This standard also defines the frequency of testing and tagging, who can perform tests and tag appliances, and other general guidelines. Generally, all workplaces should test their appliances at least once a year. This rule is more strict in industries like construction, where harsh conditions are likely to damage equipment more quickly. Different colours are assigned to various tests and tags, and some months are designated for particular tests.


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