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Mardi is a beautiful centre suburb of New South Wales. home to over 4000 residents, there is a great number of community activities to partake in each week. you also get a great choice of schools and shopping facilities.

The knowledgeable regional specialists at Jim’s Test and Tag have long since resided and operated in your area. They have a thorough awareness of how the businesses in your neighbourhood function as well as how the environment affects your appliances, and they are constantly accessible to assist you when you need them. Many residents are unaware of the dangers and unpredictability of electrical threats. Defects may lie unnoticed and unreported for weeks before they result in significant issues. Regularly testing and tagging your device rather than replacing it will help you avoid them and save money. If you’re unsure of how we can help, call our 131 546 service personnel straight immediately.

Why do you need to test and tag? – MArdi Electrical Safety 

Why do you need to test and tag your electrical appliances? The main reason is the safety of your workers. By performing a test on your equipment, you can find out what is going wrong before a major problem occurs. It also reduces the risk of electrical faults and overall damage. Testing also helps you save money by reducing the cost of operating an inefficient appliance and replacing the equipment if it fully breaks down.


8am - 8pm

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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


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