In Malvern, no matter where you came from, you will feel at home. With straightforward access to the city and the convenience of a high-end range of shops and markets, you have anything you can hope for all ages. With many local businesses thriving, it’s no secret that Malvern is an upcoming place for industry and households. That’s why we at Jim’s Test and Tag Malvern are proud to serve our diverse community. Jim’s Test & Tag provides comprehensive electrical risk assessments, basic fire prevention services, and testing of safety switches and microwave ovens. ISO 9001-certified and consisting of passionate locals regularly tested, your business or household is guaranteed to be looked after. Want to learn more? Contact us at 131 546 today!

What is Test and Tag for?

The main purpose of the testing and tagging process is to ensure that electrical appliances and equipment are safe and up to standards. Testing appliances reduces the risk of electrocution and overall damage. It also ensures that they are maintained and safe for use. These three steps are crucial in ensuring the safety of people and property in the workplace. 

In addition to protecting your employees and customers, testing electrical appliances will save your business money. If an electrical fire or malfunction occurs, it could cost you hundreds of dollars. In addition, the risk of accidental injury increases with the age of the equipment. Regular testing can help prevent these costs, both direct and indirect. Further, it’s a good way to reduce your insurance premiums. It’s also good practice for your business, as you’ll be able to show that you have tested and tagged all your equipment.

Safety switch testing

The importance of safety switch testing and tagging in the workplace cannot be overlooked. A safety switch tag will include the location of the safety switch, the condition of the switch and advice for further action. 

An RCD Safety Switch monitors the flow of electricity in a circuit. Under normal operating conditions, the flow of current in the Active and Neutral wires is equal. An imbalance in this flow can occur due to faults in the circuitry. An RCD can detect an imbalance in electrical flow within 20 milliseconds and disconnect power. However, faulty electrical equipment is responsible for preventable injuries in the workplace. That’s why safety switch testing is an essential safety measure in any home or office. If you’re unsure whether your safety switch needs to be tested, ask our team at 131 546.

Workplace fire safety

What may seem like basic knowledge to some, may actually pose the greatest risk to others during a fire. In order to ensure a workplace remains safe, responsible persons must develop a plan and train employees properly. This can involve a simple training routine, which ensures staff are aware of their escape routes and the consequences of failure.

Making sure that your fire safety measures are optimised can be a game changer if one were to actually occur. With Jims fire safety, we can help you optimise your fire response plan and assess your current fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers, fire alarms, etc.)

When it comes to your safety, wouldn’t you want it to be professionally taken care of? Call us at 131 546 or apply for a quote below, and our specialist technicians will be there when you need us!



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