Jim’s Test and tag Maddington are known for providing courteous and attentive service.

We provide everything you need, from electrical safety to fire system inspections, to make sure your business continues to abide by the Australian code of safety. Making sure your appliances are safe to use will help you avoid spending money and worrying about your working enviorment, whether you’re trying to combat the weather with heating or cooling. We have seen a lot of electrical-related incidents over the course of our years of service that may have been stopped with regular inspections. To keep your workplace safe, we deliver RCD Safety Switch testing, PAT inspections, and Earth Safety inspections. Contact 131 546 right away to book a free consultation if you require any electrical or fire services.

Why do you need to test and tag your electrical appliances?

You probably take the tagging of appliances seriously, but what about those that are plug-in and don’t have a flexible supply lead? Many people don’t take this precaution until something goes wrong. That’s when the testing and tagging of new electrical equipment comes into play. While it may not be necessary for all appliances, it is a good idea to do so anyway.


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