Kilkenny has a great character about it. Full or great facilities and amenities to enjoy, school to bring your children and great affordable residential areas for you to pick from. The Armada Arndale Shopping centre on Torrens road has all the newest shops and cafes to choose from.

For many years, Jim’s Test and Tag Kilkenny have been removing electrical dangers from homes and businesses. We are the community’s go-to resource for reliable local assistance with problems. We take great pride in our ability to provide excellent community service as a local business. Being able to work with a neighbour makes our clients happy, and they are always ready to tell share their Jim’s Test and Tag experience with others. Who could blame them, though? Our team’s commitment to and enthusiasm for this sector are extremely inspirational. They are always pleased to accept your call, visit your location, and give you the free help and guidance you require. We offer the services to help you stay protected.

Does my business need to test and tag?

First, testing and tagging electrical appliances is important for your business. If your electrical appliances are not working properly, you could face fines and even liability for injuries. The time between tests varies by type and location. For example, in a low-risk environment, you should test and tag electrical appliances every six months. Medium-risk environments need to perform testing and tagging every three months, while high-risk environments should do so every month.



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