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Bishnu is your local test and tag expert in Hornsby.

As a local business owner himself, Bishnu knows that regular testing is essential for all businesses, as it ensures the safety of your employees and visitors. Regardless of whether you’re a sole proprietor or run a chain of stores, it’s important to test and tag your business equipment to keep everyone safe.  

Further, this will assist your business to be compliant with the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2022, preventing you from incurring heavy fines.

Bishnu will be happy to send you a reminder when your testing is due again too, saving you the time and worry of doing this yourself.  

Here is a link where you can download the Regulations:  https://www.legislation.wa.gov.au/legislation/statutes.nsf/law_s53267.html

It is a good practice to test electrical appliances every three months or so, depending on how much they are used.

The frequency of testing depends on the type of equipment and the environment. For example, if an appliance is frequently used, or is in a dusty environment, it may need to be tested more often.

You can also benefit from Earth Safety testing to ensure that all electrical circuits are working effectively.

Our technicians are highly trained, fully qualified and provide the highest level of customer service, always working to Australian Standards such as AS/NZS:3760.    

Please call Bishnu on 131546 and he will organise to visit and provide you with a quote.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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All Jim’s Test & Tag professionals are trained with a high level of expertise and knowledge of the test and tag industry including State Legislation and electrical safety requirements. These include OHS/WHS, and AS/NZS 3760 standards. At Jim’s Test & Tag we can provide our expert advice to ensure your home or work is safety compliant.

It is essential to test and tag all portable and non-portable electrical appliances with a flexible and detachable supply lead in your workplace. Portable appliances are located in more areas than you may realise; like the office kitchen or construction areas.

Jim’s Test & Tags fees are based on the number of tests we complete for you. This test rate includes all labour, test equipment, test tags, and reporting. For a complete quote call Jim’s Test & Tag on 1800 214 795.