Hope Island

Hope Island is a fantastic suburb of the Gold Coast. A true holiday destination anyone would enjoy. you get the Sanctuary Cove, major golf courses, Banksia parks, and all the local shops and products you need to fill up your day. That’s why we truly love it here on Hope Island.

Jim’s test and tag have been providing the electrical and fire safety service you need to stay compliant and protected. Our clients are always glad to put their faith and livelihoods in the Jim’s name, whether they are a family or a corporation. We perform authorised PAT, RCD, and earth safety testing to help you stay in line with Australian workplace safety requirements. Call 131 546 right away to find out more about what we can do for you.

Workplace Safety Hope Island – Why you should Test and Tag

Workplace electrical hazards can result from poor maintenance or improper wiring. Faulty wiring may lead to electrical fires behind walls and employees may misuse electrical equipment. Health care facilities are especially vulnerable to electrical fires. Testing and tagging electrical equipment is vital to minimise the risk of electrical fires and accidents. The right maintenance practices can prevent electrical fires from igniting. Safety officers can quickly identify faulty electrical equipment and take corrective action.


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