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Jim’s Test and Tag Hallam are happy to help when you’re looking to upgrade the safety of your place of business. Each member of our team is skilled at adhering to Australian working regulations, handling a wide range of circumstances, and genuinely concerned about ensuring that your livelihood is well-cared for. We exclusively utilise the most precise, commercially supported tools and techniques to undertake a wide range of tests, including PAT testing and Earth safety testing. At work, electrical equipment can be impacted by a number of elements. This can include moisture, vibration, and heat causing potential electrical hazards. That is why Jim’s Test and Tag can help with the documentation, and initial inspections, and offer tactics to maximise the safety precautions for your property.

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testing and tagging are essential for workplace safety

Electrical testing and tagging is necessary for all workplaces. Electrical equipment is constantly exposed to conditions that reduce its lifespan. Exposure to heat, moisture, vibration, and mechanical damage are just a few of the conditions that can shorten the life expectancy of electrical equipment. Thankfully, workplace safety guidelines require electrical equipment to undergo regular testing before being used. With this testing, you can identify potential hazards before a potential fire occurs.


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