The eccentric town of Fitzroy has all of Melbourne raving about it. home to some of the most artistic and liberating streets, every street has a character never seen before. With all the trendiest stores, cafes and studios to visit, your day is packed when you’re living in Fitzroy.

That’s why we’re honoured to be the ones helping out this neighbourhood. Jim’s test and tag Fitzroy are the local safety experts. Whilst you’re hanging out with your mates, we’re there to make sure the night runs as smooth as possible. When it comes to safety it’s worth going to an expert that knows your environment. Electrical equipment may react differently in various scenarios, making it crucial that you get the care that suits you. If you need RCD, PAT, Earth safety or fire tool assessments. Then call your nearest test and tag team at 131 546 today.

Why should you test and tag electrical devices?

The simple answer is safety. Electric shock can kill, and the right way to protect yourself is to test and tag all of your appliances. While you can buy a portable appliance tester, it’s best to have a trained and qualified professional perform the test. Tags are also a good idea for future reference. You can also use a portable appliance tester to determine whether an electrical appliance is safe before purchasing it. If you’re unsure of how to handle testing and tagging equipment yourself, then call your local experts. Learn more about what we can do for you at 131 546 or fill out a form below!


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