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Ferntree gully has a lot to boast about. I for one can sit and watch the ships in the bay, the glistening city horizon and the green hills that border our marvellous city. That’s why Jim’s test and tag Ferntree gully love it here and are proud to have served our community for the past decade. For all your test and tag needs, call the ones that understand you. Get in touch at 131 546 today!

Why Jim’s Test and Tag?

The benefits of testing and tagging your products are numerous. Besides meeting regulations and rules, you should have peace of mind that your electrical equipment is safe to use. That is why your local Jim’s test and tag Ferntree Gully’s testing and tagging experts are here to help. When reducing the risk of electrical equipment and fire-related hazards, we can provide solutions to optimise your safety measures and keep you up to date with your workplace safety obligations. 

Jim’s group has been serving nationwide for over 50 years and counting. That’s only because we know that our customers trust that their service will be of the highest standards, conducted professionally and by those passionate about their own business. With Jim’s test and tag, that guarantee does not change. 

With a free first-time assessment, you get all these services plus more! Testing and tagging sound like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. With Jim’s test and tag team in your neighbourhood, all your needs are met. So get in touch at 131 546 today!

Testing and tagging ensure the safety of electrical equipment

If you own a business, it is essential that you undertake periodic testing and tagging of your electrical equipment. Not only will testing ensure that your electrical appliances are safe, but it will also ensure that your business premises and contents are safe. Fire hazards can damage your business and cause significant losses, such as the loss of trade and future income.

Businesses must follow all laws relating to electrical safety. Failure to follow the laws can lead to fines and/or penalties. It is vital that companies test electrical equipment regularly, as this can help identify potential hazards. Testing is a preventative safety measure, and it can also help you identify potential hazards in the workplace. If you’re unsure if these regulations apply to you, then we can help clarify, Call a Jims test and tag team at 131 546 today.

How long do Testing and tagging equipment take?

The time needed for testing and tagging electrical equipment varies according to the type and quantity of appliances. Visual inspection of the appliance can take just a few minutes, but some may require more testing. This is why it is important that you use Test and Tag experts to complete the testing. 

Test and Tag prevents workplace fires

Most people don’t know how to properly use a portable fire extinguisher or the proper procedures for evacuating a building if a fire does break out. But what happens if your fire safety equipment is out of date when you need it most? That’s why conducting basic safety assessments can help prevent workplace fires and lives. We can help optimise your fire safety measures by assessing your workplace or household. For a quote on this service then call us at 131 546.

The most common source of workplace fires is electrical equipment. If you’re wondering how to prevent an electrical fire, it helps to educate employees about safety practices for electrical equipment. Checking for overloaded surge protectors, unplugged electronics, and personal space heaters are all easy ways to prevent workplace fires. Ensure that all electrical equipment is properly tested and tagged, as these are common sources of fire. Not testing electrical equipment and wires regularly can lead to faulty electrical equipment and wiring, which in turn can lead to a fire.

Test and tag can prevent workplace fires, increase the lifespan of electrical equipment, and reduce the risk of electrical shock. We only want the best for our community. This is why we aim to make this service accessible to all household and workplace needs. With a free first-time consultation, we can help answer your questions, provide professional advice and work with you and your budget. So get in touch at 131 546 or click the “get a quote” link below! Our Jims test and tag Ferntree gully team will be happy to serve you.


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