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Great for all ages, Essendon has everything you need. There is a great mix of schools, cafes and sporting facilities here. There is a great sense of community and great community-catered events for newcomers to get to know the neighbourhood.

Your company can be made safe and compliant by testing and tagging. You might think that inspecting every piece of electrical equipment you own is a bit overkill, but even small electrical failures can result in hazards that are just as deadly. Not to worry! Jim’s Test and Tag Essendon have years of experience fixing problems with electrical equipment of all kinds and fire safety. We have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of expertise over the previous 10 years in offering the finest ideas and solutions to meet your needs. PAT, RCD, Earth Safety inspections, and fire kit updates are just a few of the services you provide. Call us at 131 546 or fill out our online form if you’d like more information about what we provide.

What is test and tag?

Test and tag is a process that involves the visual inspection of portable electrical appliances, as well as electrical testing, and a tagging system for the devices that indicate whether they require further tests. These tagging systems ensure that electrical hazards are kept to a minimum, and help to protect workers and property at work. To learn more about the importance of testing and tagging, call 131 546 today!


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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546