Endeavour Hills

Endeavour hills are just as it sounds. Hilly. But in a good way. Here there are always. stunning view to appreciate. You get Lysterfield park as well, where you can take the family out for a refreshing stroll as you look around the hills of Casey. We love how fresh and green the streets and buildings around here are.

Jim’s Test and Tag Endeavour Hills are specialists in electrical and fire safety in your local area. You could require test and tag services if you often utilise electrical items at business. Electrical gadgets can pose serious risks, harming your workplace or even you, if not properly maintained. Over the previous 10 years, we have encountered several possible electrical risks that ought to have been identified sooner.

We know how important it is to deal with electricity, therefore we make sure that everyone on our team receives regular training and has access to the greatest equipment to guarantee that the service they provide is of the highest calibre every time. If you require electrical assessments or guidance on improving your fire safety system, look no further. Call 131 546 or fill out the form here

Testing and tagging is a vital part of electrical equipment maintenance.

It is crucial for electrical appliances to be tagged and inspected regularly. Tagging records the results of the tests and helps you keep track of your equipment’s health risks. Testing and tagging should be performed by a qualified technician, so make sure to employ the services of a qualified tester. Testing and tagging should be done at least every six months in high-risk workplaces, but the frequency may vary depending on the environment, equipment type, and risk level.


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