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Test and Tag Electrical Equipment Guidelines

Risk assessment - Electrical test and tag standards

Electrical equipment and appliances are used in almost every industry these days. These equipment and appliances are susceptible to errors and can malfunction if they are not used properly or are not tested at regular intervals.

This is the reason why the Australian Workplace Safety Standards highly recommend for all companies to test and tag electrical equipment that they are using at their facilities.

However, it is important to remember that there are certain guidelines that have been outlined for the testing and tagging of electrical equipment which need to be followed.

• The person testing the electrical equipment is a qualified technician who has experience of working with electrical appliances.
• Make sure that the electrical equipment is first inspected visually and then different tests are conducted at a set electric current, voltage and frequency.
• Make sure that the service of testing and tagging electrical equipment is done by using a standardized Portable Appliance Testing (PAT).
• Make sure that the appliances that have been tested are tagged properly so that the workers can clearly see if the appliance is safe to use or not.

It is important to follow these guidelines because compliance with the safety regulations is mandatory.

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