The sunny town of Edmonton is a great place to live. You get the breathtaking mountain scenery, and access to all the amenities you need and are surrounded by equally happy residents always up for a chat.
That’s why, your neighbourhood Jim’s Test and Tag Edmonton are always willing to help out their neighbours. If you are having electrical or fire safety issues, don’t accept less. Call the professionals who have years of expertise, tools supported by the industry, and the desire to provide their friends with high-quality service. We provide all tests for your commercial property needs, including PAT, RCD, Earth safety testings and fire safety equipment upgrades. Call 131 546 to reach your neighbourhood Jim’s, or complete the form here.
Why should you test and tag?

Test and tag is a process in which licensed electricians perform tests on electrical appliances and log them. This process is vital for reducing the risk of electrical shocks and is a necessary requirement to meet workplace risk assessment obligations. You should have your electrical appliances and equipment tags tested every three months, and ideally, you should have them tagged every three months. This way, you can ensure your workplace is safe from electrical shock and other problems that may arise.


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