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Eatons Hill

Eatons Hill is a great suburb of Queensland. Great spacious estates, quiet roads and a great park at Sargent Reserve. We also have one of the best schools in the area. that’s why this is such a great place to grow a family.

We at Jim’s Test and tag Eatons Hill have been in your local area for the past decade and counting. We’re honoured to be the safety authority that our neighbourhood respects and relies on. We will always make sure your electrical and fire assessment needs are handled to high quality. To help you uphold your protection we provide authorised PAT, RCD, and earth safety checks for your business. To learn more about what we can do for you, call 131 546 and our lovely staff will direct you to your closest test and tag team.

Why you need to test and tag – Safety in Eatons Hill

In Australia, the duty of care for persons conducting a business includes the provision of a safe workplace, the management of all workplace hazards, and the reduction of the risk of electric shock. One way of ensuring the fulfilment of this duty is through regular inspection of electrical equipment. In addition to safety labelling and tagging, the use of personal protective equipment and insulation helps minimize electrical hazards.


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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


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