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Testing and tagging are great ways to make your business safe and compliant. Even minor electrical failures can result in risks that are just as dangerous, so you might think that examining every piece of electrical equipment you own is a bit excessive. Don’t worry! Jim’s Test and Tag Darlington is an expert in resolving issues with fire safety and all sorts of electrical equipment. Over the last ten years, we have built up a lifetime of experience in providing the best recommendations and solutions to suit your needs. You provide a variety of services, including PAT, RCD, Earth Safety inspections, and fire kit upgrades. If you’d like to learn more about what we provide, call us at 131 546 or complete our online form.

Testing and tagging is a vital part of electrical safety.

Testing portable electrical appliances help detect minor problems before they become major ones. In turn, this prevents equipment from breaking down and costs you money in downtime. It also allows you to determine simple, inexpensive repairs, which can reduce overall costs. In addition, testing can increase the lifespan of your electrical equipment. 


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