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Dandenong Central is a testament to all things convenient on a large scale. With a good balance between residential and industrial, transportation throughout just makes everything so much easier. Filled with locals from all cultures and ages, there is always something new to try. Jim’s test and tag see all this as just one of the many things that Dandenong central does right, which is why you should call 131 546 today to get exceptional inspections from only the best staff we have.

Our technicians are all insured, regularly trained and individually passionate about their work, Jim’s test and tag Dandenong Central offer everything all the other inspection services have, but just that little bit better, and a little bit more affordable and fair on the price too, and as a little cherry on top, we offer free counselling, and flexible offers so you only spend how much you think is reasonable. Whether it’s advice on home fire equipment, staff kitchen microwaves or if you just have some questions about your business workplace compatibility with the Australian safety codes, Jim’s Test and Tag Dandenong Central are happy to help. 

Testing and tagging help prevent electrical fires

Many fires in the workplace are the result of negligence. These hazards can occur from an electrical short due to faulty wiring. To prevent workplace fires, employees should ensure that the machinery and electrical items are in working order. This can be prevented by routinely inspecting electrical equipment. By testing and tagging, faults can be detected early on and fixed. This can save costs as well as protect those in the workplace.

So once again, call 131 546 to call our staff today!


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