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Rural enough so that everyone can indulge in the stunning nature around them, yet still close to everything so that things aren’t too far away, Creswick is a perfect balance of that and has been like that for several years. Not only is it beautiful though, but it’s also starting to become a lot more practical every day. With several constructions being built on countless promising cafes, pubs and flashy venues. But the biggest thing on the rise is the big new supermarket that caters to all kinds of specialty items.

Jim’s test and tag Creswick are here to keep that wave of promising construction going by staying alert on any electrical and fire safety issues kept at bay. We specialise in electrical and fire safety. Services for testing and tagging electrical equipment may be required if you often use it at work. Electrical equipment can pose serious risks, and harm your property, or even you, if it is not properly maintained.

Over the past 10 years, we have encountered many possible electrical issues that may have been identified sooner. We make sure that everyone on our team receives regular training and has access to the latest equipment since we realise how important handling electricity is. By doing this, companies can guarantee that their services are always of the best calibre. If you want electrical assessments or guidance on strengthening your fire safety system, look no further.

With Jim’s test and tag, there’s no way you can get better quality than our thorough, yet affordable inspections.

So don’t wait, get in touch at 131 546 for Jim’s test and tag today.


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