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Test and Tag Colours NSW

Test and Tag Colours in NSW

Ever wondered why we use different test and tag colours? Appliances in your workplace that require testing and tagging are usually electrical items designed for connection by a flexible supply cord and plug top with 240v or 415 volt power. These items are used in environments that expose them to moisture, heat, vibration, mechanics, corrosive chemicals or dust. These environments are classified as hostile. Regarding the actual tags, it’s important to know that there are specified tags per state.

For testing and tagging in Sydney, the tags are colour coded (for NSW only) as follows:

• Red: January, September

• Blue: February, July

• Orange: March, November

• Green: April, August

• White: May, December

• Yellow: June, October

It’s important to have your service provider offer tags in heavy duty materials that will combat hostile environments and maintain their colours for future inspections.

Testing and tagging your appliances will not only protect the welfare and safety of those in your workplace but also from any safety violations that accompany failing to comply with Australian standards. We’ve got you covered on that end. We are completely police checked, and we will prove your compliance with official reports every time. Jim’s Test & Tag has been a leading expert in this field since 2003 and strives to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient service.

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