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Your safety hero is Jim’s Test and Tag Cleveland. We provide homes, companies, and organisations services for risk management and fire prevention. Our crew is happy to assess any electrical safety issues at your business and is happy to offer suitable solutions to reduce hazards. We are also delighted to assist you in efficiently managing hazards and ensuring that you have access to the required safety gear. You will only pay for what you need with our free testing. Whether you are the CEO of a small or large firm we are particularly made to meet your demands. If you need any electrical or fire equipment inspected, get in touch with Jim’s Test and Tag Cleveland. Call 131 546 or complete the free quote form here

Testing portable electrical appliances is important for workplace safety.

In addition to portable appliances, electrical equipment needs to be inspected for safety and compliance with standards. Testing and tagging are two separate tasks, which can be performed by a qualified technician, or by a third party. When testing, make sure that you hire a certified technician. Jim’s Test & Tag team is devoted to electrical safety and has highly qualified technicians to test and tag your equipment. Moreover, they can solve any problems they find during testing.


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48 Edinburgh Rd Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne VIC Australia


131 546