Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is a lovely mountainside suburb of Brisbane. Only 8km away from the CBD and even less from Mot Coot-tha, you get a great mix of native lands and city space.

For the past ten years, Jim’s Test and Tag Chapel Hill has been providing service to the neighbourhood. In the region, we have the most expertise in dealing with electrical equipment and fire safety. Our understanding of how our environment affects your fire and electrical systems is unmatched. Depending on the environment in which they work, electrical problems can happen. Heat, moisture, dust, and humidity are a few of the elements that might harm the health of your equipment. When it comes to securing your home and place of business, making sure they are periodically maintained and handled can make all the difference. Our specialists are thoroughly qualified, licenced, and enthusiastic about meeting your needs. This is why locals rely on Jim’s to thoroughly evaluate and resolve their fire safety and security issues. Learn more about what we can do for you by calling 131 546 or by filling out the form below. 

How to prevent fire hazards at work.

Having a proper system to test and tag your electrical equipment is vital to keeping your business safe from fire hazards. Several business owners and managers turn to these services to ensure the safety of their employees and property. These services include equipment inventory maintenance and scheduling, and they are cost-effective, convenient, and easy to implement. Businesses can reduce their fire risks by finding qualified technicians to perform on-site tests and inspections of their electrical devices. Talk to our fire safety crew at Jim’s Test and tag today. Call 131 546 or fill out the form to get the service you need ASAP. 


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