Cavan is a lovely riverside community suburb. With a great community feel ad lovely amenities, it’s a perfect place to raise your family.

Jim’s Test and Tag Cavan have been serving the area for the past decade and going strong. We carry the most experience dealing with fire safety and electrical equipment in the area. Our knowledge of how our environment affects your electrical and fire systems is second to none. Electrical faults can occur depending on their working environment. Humidity, moisture, dust and heat are some of the factors that can detrimentally affect the health of your machine. Making sure they are routinely checked and managed can mean all the difference when protecting your home and workplace. Our technicians are fully trained, licenced and passionate about being the ones to fulfil your needs. This is why locals trust Jim’s to thoroughly assess and solve their fire safety and electrical hazard problems. Call 131 546 or fill out the form below.

How to reduce the risk of workplace fires.

A good way to reduce your risk of fire is to regularly test and tag your electrical devices and appliances. Many companies find that Test and Tag programs are an inexpensive and effective way to manage their fire safety risks. Businesses do not need to relocate or take time off work to schedule a test. And because qualified technicians perform the testing onsite, you can expect reliable results promptly. Whether you have a new device or are a company looking to expand your current inventory, we can help. Call 131 546 to reach our Jim’s Fire Safety Department. 


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